The Perfect Transportation For College Students

With gas prices soaring and no end in sight, what are parents of college bound kids to do. A right of passage is to get a car so that you are not stranded while away at college. What an expense that can be. If most of your time is going to be traveling around campus or just off campus, then would it not make sense to opt for a cheaper, more convenient means of transportation? Here is your solution.

The perfect transportation for campus. Instead of running across campus, waiting for the bus or hoping for a ride from a classmate, you will have safe, reliable transportation to an from classes. Electric scooters are becoming more accepted on campus and you don’t have to fight for a parking spot.

Stop running across campus to your next class. With an electric scooter at your disposal, you have to time to stop on the way and still get to your next class in time. By having an electric scooter at your disposal, you can get to your next class with plenty of time to spare.

You don’t have to wait on your friends anymore, nor do you have to depend on them to get you where you need to be on time. Stop wasting time waiting for the bus and hop on your electric scooter. You are no longer confined to the schedule of the bus and you don’t have to worry about it running late any longer. With your electric scooter, you will probably get there faster and with time to burn than waiting for and riding the bus.

Electric scooters are reliable transportation. With the average scooter going about 15-20 (+/-) miles on a single charge, you will have no problem getting where you want. Electric scooters required minimal maintenance as well. The only real maintenance is ensuring that you have enough charge to get to your destination and making sure the tire pressure is correct to provide maximum efficiency.

Stop fighting over parking spaces. So much time is spent looking for a parking space that is not out in Egypt. Another significant amount of time is spent walking from your parking space to class. Just pull up in you electric scooter and park right in front.

College campuses are accepting this means of transportation and some have even made special parking concessions for electric scooters. At some colleges, electric scooters ssre treated like bicycles. They love the fact that they are quiet and friendly on the environment.

The next time you are out on campus, count the number of scooters you see. Their popularity is increasing and soon will out number the cars.

So if you’re smart, you will avoid the traffic, gain some time and put some money back in your pocket and get on board with a new electric powered scooter.